Game of KEKs

2 min readMay 1, 2023

The following article will be revised in due time to provide further clarity as the Game of KEKs unfolds. Game of KEKs is an independent project by cryptoartist brucethegoose.eth; loosely inspired by the Checks NFT collection.

The Game of KEKs begins with an open edition NFT, available to be minted now on the Polygon network for a price of 4.2069 $MATIC. The mint will be open until someone who owns one or more editions discovers and submits the required information; at which point the open edition mint will be closed, and the first stage of the ‘game’ will begin. Mint your first KEKs using this link; with up to 5 mints available per wallet.

‘Feels Good Mon-drian’ Open Edtion NFT

Upon the discovery of the first hidden clue, the open edition mint will be closed, with a very unlikely chance to be opened in the future, if it becomes necessary so that the [REDACTED] can be completed [REDACTED].


As an added incentive for collectors; as well as to showcase one of countless ways in which NFT collectors and other crypto natives can provide added utility or rewards to their projects (in a permissionless and trustless manner) for every 100 mints of the open edition pictured above, 100 $MATIC will be converted to Ethereum, and sent to the ETH mainnet, where it will be used to purchase the memecoin $pepe; 50% of which will be added to a prize pool to be rewarded to the top [REDACTED] participants when the Game of KEKs reaches its conclusion.




Discovered NFTs at the end of 2019; which caused my entry to crypto. Day one, I went all in. Day two started 72 straight research hours. I’ve never looked back.