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After what has felt like a never-ending cycle of building, designing, and optimizing our features and integrations, it is incredibly exciting to see the vision for NFThub becoming a reality. When considering that the platform, and the goals it aims to acheive have evolved several times, NFThub is nearly 1 year in the making; and is very close to launching our public beta. Unlike so many projects in the cryptosphere, we made a promise to ourselves (and to you, though you didn’t know it) that we would avoid the all-too-familiar approach of marketing a landing page made up of a…

$FTHR Logo, adapted for re-use.

$DOWN (Goose Feathers 2.0) is being issued to replace $FTHR (Feathers), the ‘social currency’ of BruceTheGoose, an NFT Artist, Collector, and Entrepreneur. $FTHR was inititally deployed in April 2020, through the social currency platform Roll. In mid-March of this year, Roll suffered a security breach which resulted in losses upwards of six million USD in various social/community tokens, which were immediately liquidated; which caused further economic turmoil within the effected communities by crashing their token value. …

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We’re definitely overdue for this update, but as you’re surely aware if you’re a part of the NFT ecosystem, things have been a little crazy.

March was a fairly quiet month within NFThub itself, but there are a few things that definitely warrant a mention. Likely the most important update: We’ll soon be finalizing the token economics for our native governance/utility token; $gNFT (Got NFT?). The current plan, which may change based on necessity or on our ability to integrate some of the features without currently having a developer on the team, is to bypass gas fees by issuing our…

Crazy to think this post is a year old! Gonna need to necro it tho. (fairly atechnical, bear with me)

> Could this be used to sell pre-existing NFT's? The owner would create a listing and enable the proxy to spend the tokens from [NFT contract] or places the NFT in escrow to be sent on x-value payment from a buyer?

The mission of NFThub was (when I started it nearly a year ago) to streamline the day-to-day lives of people working full time in the #NFT industry. With all of the recent attention on #NFTs the vision has expanded, but remains commnuity centric, and free.

Currently; #NFT’s are gaining ridiculous levels of traction (Beeple’s “First 5000 Days” NFT just sold at Christie’s for ~$70mil) and it seemed due time to stop obsessing over insignificant details and just test in prod. …

**Clears throat** While clothes aren't technically mandatory; you will be publicly shamed if appearing at community events in CV naked.

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We’re building NFThub to satisfy a rapidly growing need within the NFT industry; which has more recently started to move even faster than it had already been doing.

As a high level overview: NFThub is intended to be a community-driven ecosystem with a variety of functions. Foremost, it will function in a similar manner to or dappradar, with the difference that instead of tracking all dapps; it will have an extensive directory of, and eventually analytics for, all things NFT. …

Aggregating the Nonfungible Metavese.

The idea for NFThub was born out of perceived necessity. Having spent the majority of 2020 immersed in the amazing world of NFT’s, it has become increasingly apparent that there is really no efficient way to keep track of more than a few of the platforms, collections, games and communities that exist in the labytinth of rabbit-holes that exist in what is surprisingly still a very small niche. Nearly every day I come across an awesome project, resource, or person that I wouldn’t have discovered were I not already exploring the fringes of the web 3.0.

#CryptoArt Blog | 9/29

Right now, with the crypto space slowly growing weary of #DeFi trends and the associated gas fees (and unfortunately; scams) the #NFT space is primed and ready to catch the tailwind. Rarible; an NFT marketplace, has gone from “home of trash art” to reporting over $5mil USD volume in sales. No, not overall; sorry Super Rare, #RARIgang doubled your lifetime transaction volume THIS MONTH. According to reports, nearly $1.5m of that sales value was completed on 9/14. You won’t get that info from; they refuse to list Raribles stats based on the shitty behavior of…

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